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Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Weasel and the Short-tailed Field Vole (deceased)

Some friends and I were heading from Rainham Marshes' MDZ to the Purfleet Hide this morning when we noticed a small, fast, brown shape bounding along the path towards us.

The shape quickly turned into a Weasel and it's latest prey, a Short-tailed Field Vole.

As the Weasel approached, it seemed to suddenly realise that we were there, dropped the vole and quickly hid in the grass at the side of the path. Knowing that the Weasel wouldn't want to miss out on this nutritious lunch, we moved on a short distance and waited.
Sure enough, less than a minute later, out came the weasel to claim it's prize and take it off towards the MDZ.

My top wildlife moment of the day!