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Saturday, 13 February 2016

High water and floating debris

Wednesday and Thursday brought us very high Spring Tides at Rainham Marshes, and since I was there on Thursday and since the sun was shining, I made a last-moment decision to see if I could capture the extent of the tide with another timelapse.

I didn't really get in place soon enough, because the tide was already quite well in and filling the gully in the mud that I wanted for my foreground, but I set up anyway and shot nearly 4000 stills over a 2 hour period.

In hindsight, I'm also sure that I could have chosen a better location to shoot from to show just how high the water level was. In particular, I hadn't realised (doh!) that the debris in front of me would float when the tide came right in. I was expecting to see the water surface!

Still - I'm happy with what I achieved.