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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Worth sitting in the cold for...

Yesterday's weather forecast promised early clear skies over the Thames at Rainham Marshes, which meant only one thing - a sunrise timelapse!

After a 6am start, and with my location, camera settings and equipment list all planned, I arrived in position just after 7 o'clock and was set up ready to start shooting by 7:15.
"In position" was on the western shore of Aveley Bay looking east towards the QEII bridge.
The weather was good - clear skies with just a few fast-moving clouds coming from behind me and heading almost due east.

All the work for a timelapse is in the preparation and the compilation and editing. Actually shooting the images is all about waiting while the camera does what you've programmed it to do. In this case, that was to shoot one image per second until I stopped it. Once I'd set it going, the next hour-and-a-bit was a little cold, but I was dressed for the occasion and had a flask of Earl Grey to sustain me!  I was even able to set up my chair somewhat out of the wind behind the top bank of the shore.

The sitting in the cold was well worth it. The sunrise was pretty good, and the resulting video came out well.