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Monday, 6 July 2015

Early shots with a new lens

I sold my macro lens a while back. I thought I wouldn't need it, because I could use extension tubes on my 300mm prime lens for my insect photography.

Of course, I came to regret that decision. I could still get shots of dragonflies and butterflies, but I hadn't realised how much I would miss getting really close to my subject.

So - here I am some months later with a new macro lens!
Lots of owners say how good the Canon 100mm f/2.8L macro lens is. Now I can find out for myself.

Here's an Oedemera nobilis beetle on a head of Hogweed, and a Ruby-tailed Wasp.

Oedemera nobilis

Ruby-tailed Wasp

Insects are still a top subject for me, but close-ups of flowers can be amazing, like this Bramble flower
Close-up of a Bramble flower

Close up, flowers and plants can take on an abstract quality. Teasel, before it flowers, has these tiny points in a perfect pattern against a background of green
Close-up of a Teasel head before the flowers are open

This rose in the garden has a beautiful soft look and feel.
A Garden Rose

I'm going to enjoy using this lens!